The Association for the Commemoration of the Fallen Soldiers in the Golan Brigade, a non-profit voluntarily organization, is operated by volunteers (without exception), and is only supported by the contributions of the bereaved families and veterans of the brigade, attending the yearly memorial ceremony for the brigade's fallen.

Due to repeated reductions in the budget of the Ministry of Defense and the IDF, the assistance granted to us to conduct the yearly Memorial Day and the activities in favor of the bereaved families and the brigade's soldiers, is being reduced.

We are in need of donations in order to carry out the yearly Memorial Day activities. We are also in need of financial assistance to support activities in favor of the soldiers and the bereaved families of the brigade, and assistance to finance the publication of the heritage book of the brigade. Under the tab "Volunteering and Help" in our web site, you can find a list of pending projects in need of assistance.

It is possible that in exchange for donations, an option to advertise in our web-site will be given.

The association is a charitable organization, therefore the donations can be recognized for tax deduction purposes.

We promise that each cent donated to our association will be directed solely for the perpetuation of the fallen, and the brigade's fighters and the bereaved families.

Donations can be sent to: The Association for the Commemoration of the Fallen Soldiers in the Golan - Alexandroni Brigade, to the address of Navar Amnon, Golomb Eliyahu 12/3, Petach-Tikva, 4929206, Or deposited directly to the association's account: The Association for the Commemoration of the Fallen of Golan-Alexandroni Brigade, Bank Leuni LeIsrael, branch no. 954 Pardes-Hana, account no. 64509/09, 119 Hadekalim Avenue, 37021 Pardes-Hana.

For more details: Mr. Amnon Navar +972-52-3629911

The association is conducted transparently, audited by an accountant and a controller (also volunteers), prepares financial statements each year and controlled by the Registrar of Associations. The association has confirmation of "good management" from the Registrar of Associations.

Twice a year (May & November) a general assembly is being held. The association’s financial statements are from the previous year are presented and confirmed on the May Assembly. On November, another assembly is held in which elections for the association's committee take place.

Invitations for the general assembly are advertised here in our web site, and are open to the public.

Thank you,