The Association for the Commemoration of Fallen Soldiers 
in the Golan - Alexandroni Brigade

Established by the 3rd Brigade

Ministry of Defense Supplier No. 83996832    Association No 58-010-57-6-5

M.P. 01415   Navar Amnon, Golomb Eliyahu 12/3, Petach-Tikva, 4929206

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The Association for the Commemoration of the Fallen Soldiers in the Golan Alexandroni Brigade

The early 1970's marked the founding of the Association for the Commemoration of the Fallen Soldiers in the Golan Brigade.

The Association, a non-profit voluntarily organization was established by the brigade's commanders still in reserve duty and its veteran soldiers.

The founders wished to perpetuate the memory of their comrades in arms who fell battling with the Syrian enemy to break through the Syrian's first line of defense in the Golan Heights, from the estuary of the Jordan River to the Kinneret and more northern regions. Since then, the brigade has taken part in other combat missions and suffered additional losses, which deserve similar commemoration.

Throughout the years, the active members of the association have changed, but the association continues to function determinedly to perpetuate the memory of our fallen soldiers and to maintain contact with the families of the fallen.

In the beginning of the 1970's, a memorial site was built near the ruins of the Syrian military post, "The Mortapha," known today as "Mitzpeh Gadot." The site overlooks the Gesher Bnot Yaakov / Nafach Junction, between the lower Beit Meches and the upper Beit Meches (Area 20100, plot 4).

The site includes a concrete monument, shaped like a military post, and offers a magnificent view of the entire Upper Galilee, from the inclines of Mt. Hermon to Mt. Dov, from the Beit Shean Valley to the slopes of the Eastern Galilee Mountains. Across the road, opposite the monument, one can find a small snack bar and souvenir shop. With the assistance of the IDF and the Jewish National Fund, a path was paved a way through mine fields and water pipes were laid to the site. With the assistance of the Golan Heights regional municipality, the Jewish Agency and the Jewish National Fund, an access road and parking lots were paved, circumferential walking path, resting spots, group observation points, study corners and Olive trees were planted.  

Additional plans are now in the works for further develop the site into place of commemoration, reflection, study, observation, and recreation. A gateway to those traveling to the Golan Heights.

Every year, the association conducts a memorial ceremony for the brigade with the participation of the bereaved families, IDF officers, brigade reserves soldiers, veterans and guests. On the morning of the ceremony, the bereaved families are taken on tours of battle sites, IDF army bases and various Zionist historical sites. In the afternoon, the association hosts the families for lunch at the brigade's headquarters.

The memorial site is close to the main road leading up to the Golan Heights and attracts many visitors. Every day, tourists and hikers stop by the memorial. The site is one of only two remaining ex-Syrian military posts in the Golan, is easily accessible (Tel Fahar is quite difficult to reach), offers amenities for people passing through (a snack bar, souvenir shop and public restrooms), and presents a magnificent observation point that clearly demonstrates the Syrian threat on our settlements at the foothills of the Golan.

In addition, the Association has built a memorial room / legacy site at the brigade's headquarters at Ein Zeitim. A computerized touch-screen system has been installed to tell the stories of the brigade soldiers, stories about their lives and deaths. There are plans in motion to continue the development of the memorial room and its surroundings for the benefit of the families and soldiers of the brigade.


Respectfully yours,

Amnon Navar

Chairman of the Association